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Ebooks & Audios ... When You Need Specialist Information or "How To" Help ... Fast!

Whatever your interest, we aim to take you straight to the information or help you're looking for. And most of it is available for instant download ... so you can start using it straight away.

Topics we cover include: self-help, health, parenting, education, relationships, business, crafts & hobbies, animals & pets, cooking & food, sports, games & recreation, home & garden ... and more!


Why Choose Us?

Good question. After all, there are thousands of sites out there selling ebooks ... and quite a few selling audio too! But we aim to offer something different.

  • Specialist Information. Many of the works offered here are classics that have long been out of print; but we've secured the rights to offer them to you in ebook format. Other works have been specially written for people who read ebooks ... to give you the information you need, without the waffle.
  • Unique Offers. We put packages together to offer you a combination of reading and/or audio materials designed to provide you with a complete system for a particular topic or task.

    Most of the offers in this store aren't available anywhere else ..... and new titles are added regularly!

  • Ease of Use. All ebooks are in .pdf format. They can be searched and printed, and most are bookmarked. The only software you will need to open them is Adobe Reader, which you can download free here. And our audios are in MP3 format. (Some downloadable products have been "zipped" to reduce the file size. You can usually unzip them in Windows™ just by clicking on the folder once you've downloaded it. Or you can download The Unzip Wizard instead.
  • Priority Notification. Our subscribers are always the first to know when new titles are added to our site. We also tell our subscribers about special offers on other sites which we think will be of interest. But we don't overdo it! We know you don't want to be bombarded with emails.


If you haven't already subscribed, you can join our general Priority Notification List by filling in the box below. You can also join one or more of our specialist Priority Notification Lists on any of the pages in our specialist sections.

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