How to Draw Cartoons

Learn How to Draw Cartoons! Revered Master Lou Darvas Reveals the Art of Cartoon Drawing, and shows....

...How You Can Draw Cartoons Like a Pro!

... and Transform Simple Lines into Comic Characters.


You Can Draw Cartoons

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If you'd like to learn how simple lines can come to life as real characters, how expression can appear as if by magic in a simply drawn face, and - above all - how you can make this happen .... then this is what you've been looking for.

Now you can get tips, techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to achieve exactly the effects you want to create. You will see that....


You Can Draw Cartoons!

The art of drawing cartoon characters is set out as a system that you can follow with ease. Doodle with style! Come up with characters, and give them facial expression. Add body language and style. Capture the personality and mood of your subjects. Learn what poses and looks are funnier for various characters. Perfect the art of drawing cartoon heads. Master pacing and rhythm, set-up and punch lines - and the all-important "balloon".

"You Can Draw Cartoons" - by Lou Darvas - will teach you all of this ..... and plenty more besides!


Here Are Just a Few of the Secrets Inside this Invaluable Resource:


  • The 7 basic principles for putting expresion into a face. (Page 23)
  • The 3 approaches to a "comic head". (Page 11)
  • How to draw women. (Page 72)
  • What must you do differently when drawing children? (Page 59)
  • How to draw the hand.....(Page 26)
  • ......and how to put expression into it. (Page 29)


  • Tips for drawing facial features. (Page 12)
  • How to draw comic feet. (Page 31)
  • How to appraoch drawing an exaggerated cartoon. (Page 51)
  • What are the 2 ways to handle wrinkles in clothes? And which one should you start with? (Page 41)
  • The 8 central "beliefs" of one of the greates political cartoonists. (Page 141)
  • What pens, pencils, ink and brushes you need. (Page 2)
  • How - and when - to use gimmicks and props to get that special effect. (Page 91)
  • How to ink in dark portions of the cartoon. (Page 126)
  • What is the pitfall of patterns that you must avoid? (Page 9)


This Work is All About Establishing YOU as a Cartoon Artist. You Will Learn to "Study, Copy, Memorize, & Redraw".


  • How to get started on the comic strip. (Page 112)
  • Why the comic strip is worth working on. (Page 121)
  • Tips for drawing "kid strips". (Page 120)
  • When and where to use shading in a comic strip. (Page 117)
  • How to set about doing a caricature. (Page 98)
  • What proportions can you use in a simple comic figure? (Page 37)
  • How to make the figure bend, stretch, dig, reach or dive. (Page 48)
  • What are the most common wrinkles in clothes? (Page 42)
  • How to draw comic animals. (Page 65)
  • When to be unconventional and break all the rules. (Page 83)


"As you continue to work this way, your own style will take over just as your own handwriting style evolved".


  • When to use a pantograph. (Page 124)
  • What is a "gloomy" - and how is it used? (Page 150)
  • How to draw the "¾ head". (Page 16)
  • How to overcome the "tree barrier". (Page 6)
  • A simple way to draw a comic shoe
    (and there are model comic feet and shoes for you to use). (Page 34)
  • The simple technique that will put all your drawings in perspective. (Page 88)
  • Why it's important to get the lettering right - and how you can make sure you do. (Page 97)
  • 4 crucial techniques to direct the reader's attention to the central message of your cartoon. (Page 137)
  • How to structure your comic strip? (Page 114)
  • ......and how to sustain interest in it. (Page 118)


"Educational authorities have agreed that you can learn many times more rapidly from pictures than from the printed word."


  • Why "simple" can be best - even one continuous line! (Page 84)
  • How to produce gag panels. (Page 102)
  • How to quote Shakespeare effectively in your cartoons. (Page 133)
  • Why you should be interested in the sports cartoon. (Page 122)
  • How to draw water in your cartoons. (Page 96)
  • How to draw a figure walking - or throwing - or jumping. (Page 46)
  • How to draw a hat on your character's head. (Page 19)
  • Why the instep of the shoe is so important - and how to make sure you draw it correctly. (Page 33)
  • How to create attention with a brush. (Page 18)
  • The right way to draw a head that's looking up or down. (Page 23)


You'll find no long-winded theories in this work! It is designed " teach you the fundamentals of this fun profession in the simplest manner possible".


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