Sales Training Manual for Effective Creative Selling

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Learn how to write - and use - an effective sales plan ... and use the right sales technique to create and close more sales.

Sales Traing Manual for Creative Selling 

Dear Fellow Sales Enthusiast,

Are you new to selling? Been thrown in at the deep end?

Or maybe you've been selling for some time - perhaps without the success you deserve. And you can't quite figure out how to improve your sales technique?

At any rate, you've recognised that you need some sales training. That's good! We all need sales training ... however long we've been selling. Without it, we'll never get any better. You've come to the right place.


"What are you doing to improve your efficiency? ...... Have you acquired the knowledge and skill to do the greatest amount of work with the least possible amount of effort in the shortest period of time? Can you get maximum results with minimum effort?"


Now, there are many ways to get sales training. You can go on a residential course. That's fine ... if your employer will pay! You can go to evening classes.....if you've got the time - and if the instructor knows what he's talking about!

Or you can spend a fraction of what that would cost, and learn the real, time-honoured secrets from the truly great sales geniuses. One such genius produced a manual over 50 years ago, and it's still as valuable today as it was when he wrote it.

Why? Because the basis for successful selling doesn't change!


The reason why someone buys from you is exactly the same today as it was then!


".....the only reason the prospect buys anything is because he would rather have the thing that he buys than the money he pays for it."


Would you disagree with that? Good. You see, very often, the genius behind any truly great sales training is that it makes us aware of the blindingly obvious that we hadn't thought of. We get so caught up in the jargon and complexity of modern theories that we can't see the wood for the trees. A time-honoured classic brings us right back to earth.


And "Earth" is where most of our prospects happen to live!


Now, there are lots of modern-day "gurus" who will charge you an arm and a leg for the benefit of their advice. Ever wondered what their motivation might be? How does that compare with the author of a true classic ... classic written half a century ago, before anybody was a sales "guru"?


"...I have therefore asked myself many times: Is what I am writing interesting? Is it instructive? Is it inspiring? Is it getting over the right idea? Every idea advanced......has one objective....Will it help you to be a bigger man and a better salesman?"


So what are the ideas advanced in this sales training manual? Here are just a few of the sales secrets you will learn:

  • How to gain your prospect's attention. (Page 34) 
  • What are the 3 reasons why a prospect buys? (Page 26) 
  • How to make an appointment. (Page 144)
    The details given here are rather dated, but the principles revealed are truly timeless! 
  • The scientific time and way to call on a prospect. (Page 86) 
  • How to make a good first impression. (Page 90) 
  • When silence is the best policy. (Page 106) 
  • How "visitor value" was calculated long before the internet was even dreamed of. (Page 121) 
  • Why you need to take stock of yourself. (Page 97) 
  • What are the 2 qualities that distinguish a true salesman? (Page 102) 
  • What common courtesy can make you money? (Page 93) 
  • Why is it so important to get the prospect's name right? (Page 91) 
  • How to close a sale. (Page 106) 
  • How to turn objections into sales. (Page 57) 


"When is a prospect a prospect? When he will listen to your story. Therefore, he must listen to your story before he can offer a reasonable objection. You can always rest assured that he is interested the minute he objects."


Who shouldn't buy this sales training manual?


To be honest, this manual is not for everybody. For one thing, the language is a bit dated (as you can judge from the excerpts quoted here). And for another, there's a lot of the author's personal religious views bound up in the text. Just to give you a taste:


"It means a realization of your oneness with divine power and a positive affirmation that this spiritual power is now flowing through you......It means that you are going to let the divine power of God flow through your entire consciousness with courage, with peace, and with calm assurance."


So if you object to this kind of writing, or if it's going to offend you or upset you, you'd probably best not buy this manual. Let's face it, a sales training manual is not normally where you expect to be preached at, and I don't want you to feel that you've been tricked into reading a sermon you didn't want.

But if you can go along with these passages (or just skim over them, if you want to) you can learn lots of really priceless gems of advice from this work - gems that any sales professional can use straight away! Just take a look at what's inside:


Learn the "Hidden Power" of Words.....and How to Harness that Secret Power!

Secrets like:


  • The importance of your vocabulary. (Page 154) 
  • How to increase your word power. (Page 163) 
  • How to use words effectively. (Page 161) 
  • How to use key words. (Page 156) 
  • How word power will mean money in your pocket. (Page 164) 
  • How to write effective business letters. (Page 211) 
  • How a good letter is constructed. (Page 209) 
  • How to write a sales letter that will be remembered. (Page 207) 
  • How to develop your powers of expression. (Page 139) 
  • How to practise speaking clearly. (Page 140) 


Learn the Importance of a Sales Plan ..... What it Can Do for You ..... and Why ..... and How!


"You can project thought. You can organize and visualize the ideas and thoughts about the thing you sell with such power that it creates a sale. To do this scientifically and effectively, it is essential to build these thoughts and ideas into a plan."


  • What are the essentials of a good sales plan?
    And how should you use a sales plan? (Page 14) 
  • Why is it wise to have 2 sales plans? (Page 14) 
  • How to evaluate your sales plan. (Page 39) 
  • How long should a sales plan be? (Page 42) 
  • How to construct a sales plan scientifically. (Page 40) 
  • The 5 reasons why a prospect buys.
    And how you can write a sales plan for each one. (Page 46) 
  • What a scientifically prepared sales plan will do for you. (Page 42) 
  • Why you should learn your sales plan by rote. (Page 73) 
  • How to perfect your sales plan.
    And why you should never stop practising! (Page 69) 
  • The great lesson a salesman can learn from the American Declaration of Independence (one of the best sales plans in history!) (Page 43) 


Understand the Psychology of Selling:


"Take the Sales Plan on life assurance .... you will find I do not use the word "I" a single time in that Sales Plan. But, I use the word "you" and "yours" many times."


  • The importance of developing a positive attitude. (Page 193) 
  • Why you MUST free yourself from negative thinking. (Page 19) 
  • What are your prospect's 3 main interests?
    And what are the 3 advantages he desires most? (Page 27) 
  • Why it's so important to be humble. (Page 40) 
  • Why you need faith - in yourself, and in others! (Page 76) 
  • What is personality? And how can you develop, improve and strengthen yours? (Page 131) 
  • What is the difference between character and personality? (Page 132) 
  • How to turn hunches into customers. (Page 178) 
  • Why you should observe children. (Page 171) 
  • The benefits of being self reliant. (Page 135) 
  • What is optimism?
    And why you should cultivate it. (Page 136) 
  • The importance of positive thinking. (Page 191) 
  • How to get charged up and go ahead. (Page 186) 
  • The importance of praise. (Page 203) 
  • The importance of tolerance. (Page 204) 


"In my years of experience.....I have learned what is necessary to influence people to buy - plus what it takes to keep them as friends."


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"The perfection of any business, art, or craft is determined by your attitude. The right attitude toward your job taps a hidden reservoir of knowledge and experience and puts to work every available force to aid you in the accomplishment of your goal."


Master the Mechanics of the Sales Process.....

This extraordinary sales training manual will also teach you:


  • How to use the telephone to get to the person you need to speak to.....and make an appointment! (Page 145) 
  • What are the 5 key words you must use in every sales presentation? (Page 156) 
  • What are the 3 elements to a sale? (Page 34) 
  • How to review your sales techniques.....identify what's wrong.....and put it right! (Page 107) 
  • When to close the sale. (Page 109) 
  • How to close sales effectively. (Page 111) 
  • How to analyze your present habits. (Page 133) 
  • How to use the telephone effectively. (Page 152) 
  • Why you should keep a complete record of your sales efforts.....and make periodical reviews. (Page 126) 


.....and Find Help in the Most Unexpected Places!


Learn the secret tips that "insiders" keep to themselves, such as:

  • How to make your spare time work for you. (Page 183) 
  • How to put your imagination to work as your Junior Salesman. (Page 166) 
  • How the law of averages works for you. (Page 120) 
  • ... and how you can use it to double your sales. (Page 122) 
  • How to snowball your sales efforts. (Page 125) 
  • How relaxation will add to your selling power. (Page 225) 
  • The importance of keeping active. (Page 137) 


Learn Why Selling is a Creative Process!


"Creative creating a market that did not exist before." "Start to develop the power of creative selling, and expect nothing but results."


  • What is "creative selling"? (Page 19) 
  • How intuition can help you. (Page 180) 
  • The importance of instincts. (Page 179) 
  • The secret power of charm. (Page 199) 
  • The 6 rules to enhance your charm. (Page 200) 
  • What can a salesman learn from the ocean? (Page 24) 
  • How the law of averages can double your sales. (Page 114) 
  • What is "efficiency" in selling? (Page 143) 


In short, The Power of Creative Selling is a comprehensive manual of how to sell. Period. And ...


With our no-quibbles, unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, you've got absolutely nothing to lose!


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify us within 60 days and we'll refund your money, in full, with no questions asked! You've got absolutely nothing to lose - and everything to gain!

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