How to Play Tennis

Do You Want to Learn How to Play Better Tennis? The Secrets You're Looking For Are Finally Revealed!

How to Play Tennis


If you enjoy tennis, this is your chance to learn the fundamentals and strategies that will have you playing and thinking like a pro in no time at all!

These secrets were previously feared lost forever! Find out how you can begin using them to beat your competition - immediately!


Dear Tennis Enthusiast,

For many, many years in the world of tennis there have been rumours of a legend ... a genius American coach who discovered the secrets that would allow anyone to play great tennis.

As the story goes, this coach wrote an incredible book in which he revealed all of the secrets that he had discovered.

This book was a literal treasure trove that, if read and followed, could transform the game of even the worst tennis player. But since nobody could ever seem to get his hands on the book, this story has remained a legend... until now.

You see, the coach's book was recently discovered buried among numerous other training materials and films in the basement of a house in Memphis, Tennessee (of all places). And now we can say - without a doubt - that .....


This legend is true!


What's more, we can honestly say that this is the best "how to play tennis" book you will find anywhere!

And since the game of tennis has changed very, very little since it was introduced to the world at the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1874 - and even less (basically, not at all) since this book was written - we can also say:


The tennis tips, tricks and techniques revealed in this book are as applicable & beneficial today as the day this book was FIRST published!


This is your chance to learn from the best of the best!


James Burns, the author of this book, was widely recognized as the foremost tennis expert of his time - and the truths he reveals in this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book will quite literally transform your game.

You will learn to think and play like a pro. After reading this book, which is now being made available as an ebook, you will begin to win matches against people you never thought you would be able to beat in your lifetime!


Here is just SOME of the important information this ebook contains:


  • How to launch your forehand with the speed and accuracy of a laser targeted missile
  • How to hit your serves with complete precision
  • How to return the toughest serves - effortlessly
  • How to play with the iron-clad confidence that the pros command
  • How to put your game on auto-pilot - consistently!


The ebook is also loaded with photographs and illustrations that show you:


  • How to hit a straight drive
  • How to hit a top drive
  • How to position yourself to defend a shot from centre of court
  • How to position yourself for a shot from the side
  • How to play baseline defence
  • How to hit a backhand top drive
  • Volleying position at the net
  • How to hit a smash
  • How to grip the racquet
  • The wrong way to finish a stroke
  • And much, much more!



Improve Your Game Overnight!

If you're serious about improving your tennis game and winning more tennis matches, then this may very well be one of the most important letters you will read.

Here's why:

"How to Play Tennis" by James Burns contains all the tennis information, techniques and strategies you need to improve your game dramatically!


You will learn:

  • Proper positioning for all of the major tennis strokes. This information will provide you with the solid foundation you need to begin winning matches - regularly!
  • Why chipping and charging can be a devastating strategy. This is one of the most effective techniques. Use it properly, and you'll completely intimidate your opponents!
  • Six important tips that will allow you to master any tennis stroke. This advice alone is worth the price of this ebook! 
  • Five advantages of a top stroke and the simple way to ensure you always hit the ball properly. This tip will have you racking up the points in no time!
  • The single, most important tip for playing winning tennis. Learn this simple rule, and you may never lose again! 
  • The second most important tip for playing winning tennis. This one is easy - but you would be amazed at how many players don't do it! Learn to keep this at the front of your mind, and you could become virtually unbeatable!
  • Six common "faults" that most tennis players have - and how you can easily avoid them!
  • The key to having a good stroke. Learn this and you may never hit another bad shot ..... EVER AGAIN!
  • How to "play the angles" on the court. Begin using these easy-to-follow tips, and you'll be able to keep your opponents constantly off balance!
  • Why - if you want to play a strong game - it is folly to use either of these two common tennis strokes. (Trust me, you will be very surprised at what you read here!)
  • Whether it is better to play net or baseline defence - and why using one more than the other will have you dominating your opponents in no time!
  • How to determine quickly what type of serve to hit by checking out your opponent's position. (Once you learn this information you'll immediately know what serves to hit and when to hit them!)
  • How to hit different types of serves with minimal to no change in technique. Follow these tips, and your opponent won't know what to expect!
  • Why it's important to realize that the serve is just the first shot in a 2-shot sequence ..... plus, you'll learn several devastating patterns that you can use to almost guarantee that you'll win the point!
  • How to avoid common serve errors. Following these tips could very well mean the difference between easy victory and crushing defeat!
  • The all-time classic serve and volley pattern. Master this, and watch your confidence soar (and your trophy case fill up)!
  • A single tactic that will dramatically improve your volley game. Ignore this strategy and you will play right into your opponent's hand!
  • The "old school" - almost forgotten - tennis shot that will put your opponents back on their heels. (Master this shot and there's hardly anyone you won't be able to beat!) 
  • How to figure out quickly the perfect spot to stand in to return against any opponent - plus, you'll learn why standing in the same place against every opponent is a very foolish move.
  • The main options for passing shots and how to decide which one to use. Learn this information, and you will never panic when you see an opponent rush the net!
  • Six tips for hitting a smash. These tips will allow you to add another "killer shot" to your tennis arsenal!
  • Why breaking a common "rule" when approaching the net can win you a lot of matches. (Yes, breaking a "rule" can actually be a good thing. Find out when and how to do it here!) 
  • How to practise properly. Stop wasting your time on the practice court ..... find out how to practise the right things - and watch your game improve dramatically!
  • How to anticipate where the ball will drop on your opponent's serve. Commit this information to memory and you will never be surprised out on the court again!
  • Five tips that will allow you to hit a great backhand every time. Follow these tips and your confidence in your backhand will soar!
  • How to dictate the pace of a match. These tips, plain and simply, will allow you to impose your will on your opponent!
  • How to overcome your weaknesses with ease. This information will have you playing great tennis in no time and will ensure you continue playing great for a long, long time to come!


This Ebook is Perfect for both Beginners and Experienced Players!


In fact, many people believe that "How to Play Tennis" is the most valuable tennis training tool available today! But don't take my word for it. Here is what just a few of the many satisfied readers have to say about this ebook:


"I have to admit that I was skeptical about buying this ebook. I just wasn't sure that reading would help my game. But let me tell you, it definitely did! After reading "How to Play Tennis", I am now playing the best tennis of my life. In fact, I'm playing better than I ever thought I could possibly play! Thank you." - Scott Starburne

"I've always loved to play tennis but unfortunately my talent never matched my desire. But then I read this ebook and now I am playing better than I ever hoped!" - Susan Wilson

"I was about to give up playing tennis simply because no matter what I tried I just couldn't get any better. As sort of a last ditch effort, I decided to try this ebook and began following the tips I found in it. I immediately began playing better! I only wish I had found "How to Play Tennis" years ago!" - Erica Boyer

"This is a fantastic ebook. I would recommend it to anyone who plays tennis no matter what their level of experience." - Glen Weisman

"Prior to reading "How to Play Tennis", I had not ever beaten my friend Mark. Now I have beaten him five consecutive times! Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Andy Tennison

"My tennis game has improved dramatically and it is all thanks to this fantastic ebook." - Steven White


Isn't it time that you began playing tennis the way you have always dreamed of?


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That's right! If you order "How to Play Tennis" today, you'll also receive another classic tennis instruction manual ..... at no extra charge!

How to Play Tennis

The "Tennis Self-Instructor" by H.I. Driver sells elsewhere for around $30 - for a paperback, in second-hand condition.

But if you order "How to Play Tennis" today, you'll also receive an ebook version of "Tennis Self-Instructor" - absolutely FREE.

And you can download it instantly, and print it out if you want to.

This work makes the perfect complement to "How to Play Tennis". In it, you'll find whole chapters on:

  • the forehand drive
  • the backhand drive
  • the serve
  • the importance of footwork
  • the volley
  • the lob
  • the overhead smash
  • tennis tactics
  • ..... and much more!


There are sections on:


  • the origins of the game
  • how to choose the right racquet and balls
  • the vocabulary of tennis
  • how to spin the ball ..... and how to counter your opponent when he (or she) spins the ball
  • different ways to hold the racquet
  • tennis etiquette
  • .... and much, much more!


And perhaps the most valuable feature of all in this tremendous resource are the sections throughout the book on common faults that beginners make. You could learn enough just from these sections to turn your game around!


With our no-quibbles,unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, you've got absolutely nothing to lose!


We're so sure that you will love "How to Play Tennis" and "Tennis Self-Instructor" that we're offering an unconditional, full, 100%, no-quibbles money-back guarantee.

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This is your chance to improve your tennis game dramatically!


Considering the tremendous impact this ebook has had, it is easy to say that purchasing "How to Play Tennis" is, hands down, one of the best tennis decisions you will ever make. This ebook will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to play much better tennis and achieve your goals.

You will learn:

  • The essential fundamentals of tennis, including how to hit all the important shots, how to grip the racquet, how to position yourself on the court and how to read, recognize and take advantage of angles and patterns on the court. 
  • How to improve your tennis skills - from specific strokes to psyching out your opponent. 
  • How YOU CAN improve your game ... dramatically!  


This ebook presents proven, effective tennis mastery techniques and strategies in such a pragmatic and progressive way that you can't help but become much more successful by reading it.

In fact, the more problems you have on the court, the more these secrets will radically improve your game the next time you play.

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There's so much material in here that we've never read in any other book or ebook. Stuff that you'll wish you had known when you first started playing - it would have saved you so much time and effort!


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Bernard Howes



Bernard Howes

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